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Who We Are  

The story of Chang, Lien Cheng- saxophone manufacturer in Taiwan

The person who researched and developed saxophone in Taiwan, Mr. Chang Lien Cheng was born in Houli, Taichung and spent his all life there. He had interests in music when he was a child and showed his talent very early, later he formed a Jazz Band with friends. At that time, a saxophone was as worth as an acre of farmland and one of his friends, Mr. Chang, Chi-Pan was the only one who had a saxophone. However, a fire destroyed the saxophone. This is the reason why Mr. Chang, Lien Cheng started to manufacture musical instruments.


1945 - 35yrs old

Successfully manufactured his first saxophone without any instructions. Lien-Cheng Musical Instrument Factory was founded after the first successful saxophone selling.


Mr. Chang Wen-Tsan took over the factory from his father - Chang Lien-Cheng.


Abandoned OEM manufacturing, created their own brand of LC (Lien Cheng) Saxophone.


Became a tourism factory due to being a leading saxophone manufacturer in Taiwan.


Taiwan Excellence Award


Taiwan Excellence Award

Without the passion and persistence from Mr. Chang Lien-Cheng and the dedicated nurturing over the four generations, none of these accomplishments and splendors would be made possible. The most important endeavor for LC Saxophone is to continue the same level of excellence it has dutifully done for over 70 years, sharing Taiwan level of expertise with the rest of the world.