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  Besides the choices of material and technical expertise, it is imperative that the saxophones are made in the traditional manner.

Hand hammered Bell

The process of hand hammering the bell provides an even distribution of the metal, giving the saxophone a better resonating sound. Combined with the use of high quality materials, it brings exceptional value to the instrument.


The use of high quality copper alloy prevents LC saxophones from abrasion and deformation.


Blue steel springs

Highly quality German blue steel springs are used, with hardness of 56 R, it provides better action, faster response and durability.


High quality PISONI pad with metal reflectors are used for LC saxophones, it provides a clearer projection of sound and an excellent response from pianissimo to fortissimo.

Round Surface Octave Key

The octave key is ergonomically designed so the octave mechanism can be easily operated with a slight movement of the thumb. The thumb rest is also ergonomically shaped for maximum comfort.

Three-Point Brace

The cups and the body are firmly positioned by a three-point brace, it provides a better resonance when a fortissimo is required.